Yi Jin Jing

Yi Jin Jing.

Yi Jin Jing (Tendon and Muscle Strengthening Exercises) features extended, soft and even movements, displaying a graceful charm, and it puts focus on the turning and flexing of the spine, thus invigorating the limbs and internal organs.

Yi Jin Jing is now one of the four sets of Qigong exercise routines which have been standardized by the Chinese Health Qigong Association.

The four sets are :-

1. Ba Duan Jin - Eight Treasures

2. Yi Jin Jing -Muscle and Tendon Strengthening Exercise

3. Wu Qin Xi - Five Animal Frolics

4. Liu Zi Jue - Six Healing Sounds

 For further information on Yi Jin Jing, a book and DVD can be purchased, plus training courses are run by the "Deyin Taijiquan Institute (GB)

Website :- www.deyin-taiji.com

Book - Chinese Health Qigong, Yi Jin Jing.

ISBN: 978-7-119-04778-2