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Tai Chi Costs - Year 2020.

Please note that these charges apply to all the classes across the WCBG. Please speak to David for charges to do with private lessons, business rates, and group sessions. Also please check the website Calender or the Instructor to make sure that the classes are running each week throughout the quarter. Classes might not run on a particular date due to - Venue closures, Instructor training etc. Total costs below will therefore change if a training session is not taking place.

Please see "CALENDAR" link for weekly class date details.

If paying monthly, please pay at the beginning of each month.
Charges for the first hour. (Thursday costs apply to evening class only)

  4th Quarter - 2020.

                                 OctSaturdays : 4 x £8 = £32.00

                                 Nov - Saturdays : 4 x £8 = £32.00

                                 Dec - Saturdays : 2 x £8 = £16.00

       Quarter total - Saturdays = 10 x £6.50 = £65.00


Payment for the quarter is due on the first Thursday or first Saturday, depending which class you attend.

If you pay individually for each lesson then the cost is as follows :-
For 1 hour = £12.00.
If possible, can you please pay by cash, it would be much appreciated as this keeps our costs down. All lessons must be paid for in advance for the month or quarter, in full. There is no refund for non attendance. If you feel that you are likely to miss too many sessions due to commitments, then it might be best to pay as you go, in other words pay each week you attend for each individual lesson. If for any reason David cannot attend e.g. an emergency has arisen, we will do our best to inform everyone beforehand. You will then be entitled to either a refund for that session, or you can carry it forward if you so wish.

Charges for the second hour - if attending two sessions.
1.    Pay as you Go
1st hour = £11. Second hour = £8. Total = £19.00.

2.    Monthly
1st hour = £8. Second hour = £6. Total = £14.00.

4 week month - 4 x 14 = £56.00.    5 week month - 5 x 14 = £70.00

3.    Quarterly
1st hour = £6.50 Second hour = £5. Total = £11.50

10 weeks = £115.00
11 weeks = £126.50
12 weeks = £138.00
13 weeks = £149.50

14 weeks = £161.00

The reason for showing 10 & 11 weeks, is in case David is away on training or holiday. The maximum number of sessions/weeks would be 14. If you wish to attend more than one training session a week on a regular basis, please see David, as a further discount could be arranged.

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