Yang Style 24 Step Hand Form

24 Step Yang Style Taiji Hand Form

This is taught in the traditional Yang style.

1.                    Qi Shi                                                    Opening Stance

2.                    Ye Ma Fen Zong                                    Parting the  horse's mane

3.                    Bai He Liang Chi                                    White Crane spreads its wings

4.                    Lou Xi Ao Bu                                          Brush knee twist steps

5.                    Shou Hui Pi Pa                                       Play the guitar

6.                    Dao Juan Gong                                     Step back and repulse monkey

7.                    Zou Lan Que Wei                                  Grasp Sparrow's tail - left

8.                    You Lan Que Wei                                  Grasp Sparrow's tail - right

9.                    Dan Bian                                               Single Whip

10.                 Yun Shou                                               Wave Hands in Clouds

11.                 Dan Bian                                                Single Whip

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