Tai Chi Wandwork


What is Tai Chi Wandwork?


Michael Davies

I have been practicing Tai Chi since 1979 and teaching for over 25 years. In founded the "White Crane Bamboo Group" in 1996 and was elected honorary President of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain in 2013. I am author of "Jiangan - The Chinese Health Wand" - which presents a unique approach to Chinese health arts.


ISBN: 978-1-84819-077-1, Publisher :- Singing Dragon

I developed "Tai Chi Wandwork" as a new approach to Tai Chi for exercise. It incorporates not only Tai Chi but Qigong and Chinese Wandwork. The “flagship” is a moving form with a stick based on traditional Chinese boating movements: the “Tai Chi Boating Wand.”

All the Tai Chi Wandwork routines are incorporated within White Crane Bamboo Group but I also run my own private classes and group sessions.