Cheng Man-Ch'ing Sword Form - 50 Step

Cheng Man-Ch'ing Sword Form                

                Section One                                                            


1              Start (N) The Immortal Guardian Points the Way (W)                                                             

2              Three Rings Circling the Moon. (1,2 & 3)                                                               

3              Major Literary Star/ Big Dipper.                                                              

4              Swallow beats Water with its Wings. (1,2 & 3)                                                       

5              Block and sweep Right and Left.                                                             

6              Minor Literary Star/ Little Dipper.                                                          

7              Wasp enters the Cave.                                                             

8              Agile Cat catches the Mouse.                                                  

9              Dragonfly strikes the Water.                                                   

10            Swallow returns to the Nest.                                                   

11            Pheonix spreads its Wings


                Section Two                                                           


12            Minor Literary Star/ Little Dipper.                                                          

13            Attitude of waiting for the Fish.                                                              

14            Searching the grass for the Snake ( right,left,right)                                                  

15            Embracing the Moon.                                                             

16            Birds return to the Forest.                                                       

17            Black Dragon wags its Tail.                                                     

18            Wind rolling the Lotus Leaf.                                                   

19            The Lion shakes its head.                                                       

20            Tiger holds its breath                                                              

21            Wild Horse jumps over the Stream.                                                        

22            Turn and rein in the Horse.                                                     

23            The Compass. (W). 

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