Yang Style 32 Step Sword Form

                        Yang Style 32 Step Sword Form


                Ready Position                                         Yubeishi

                Three Rings Around the Moon                Sanhuan Taoyue


Part 1

1              Dragonfly Skims over the Water              Qingting Dianshui

2              Big Dipper                                                 Dakuixing Shi

3              Swallow Brushes the Water                     Yanzi Chaoshui

4              Right Block and Sweep                             You Lansao

5              Left Block and Sweep                               Zou Lansao

6              Probe the Sea Position                             Tanhai Shi

7              Embrace the Moon                                   Huaizhong Baoyue

8              Birds Fly into the Woods                          Suniao Toulin


Part 2

9              Black Dragon Waves its Tail                    Wulong Baiwei

10            Blue Dragon Emerges from the Water    Qinglong Chushui

11            Wind Curls Lotus Leaves                         Fengjuan Heye

12            Lion Nods its Head                                   Shizi Yaotou

13            Tiger Covers its Head                              Hubaotou

14            Wild Horse Leaps over Ravine                Yema Tiaojian

15            Little Dipper                                             Xiaokuixing Shi

16            Dredge for the Moon in the Sea              Haidi Laoyue

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