Feedback from Organisations & Students.

Organisation: Hillingdon Carers - Active Gold.

Tai Chi Course Evaluation.

Q) Would you miss Tai Chi

  • This is really good for balance which is important in Autumn years, we will miss the class very much.
  • I enjoyed it while it lasted.
  • I would miss the physical and mental exercise.
  • Have enjoyed Tai Chi - it would be good to do another course later on in the year.

Q) What do you most enjoy about coming to Tai Chi

  • Having to think about the moves, you forget your problems at home.
  • Meeting other people and it's very relaxing
  • Learning something new that is good for me
  • Learning something new

Q) Any further comments

  • Tai Chi is an exercise which is possible to do into old age helping to keep one physically and mentally healthy.
  • Enjoyed the course, it was stimulating and had patient and committed tutor.
  • I really enjoyed trying Tai Chi.
  • Our instructor 'Dave' was really good, explained everything, made it look easy, went at our pace, we never felt silly doing the moves.